10 Adjective Example

  1. Radha is a beautiful girl.
  2. He is smart and handsome.
  3. The beautiful sun was setting in the sky.
  4. This soup is very hot.
  5. The chair is very small.
  6. The table is very big.
  7. He is smarter than his sister.
  8. This novel is thicker than that one.
  9. India is poorer than japan.
  10. She is taller than me.

10 Adjective Example

  • मैंने कुछ नोटबुक्स ली।
    I took some notebooks.
  • वे लोग खुश है ।
    They are happy .
  • पवन लम्बा है।
    Pavan is talI.
  • थोड़ा ज्ञान खतरनाक है।
    Little knowledge is dangerous.
  • जग में दूध नहीं था।
    There was no milk in the jug.
  • वह खूबशूरत है।
    Sita is beautiful.
  • तुम डरपोक हो।
    You are timid.
  • अंकिता पतली है।
    Ankita is thin.
  • श्याम अच्छा लड़का है
    Shyam is good boy .
  • हमने कुछ रुपये सिनेमा देखने में खर्च किये।
    We spent a few rupees for watching cinema.

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