Adjectives of Number in Hindi – Definition, Sentences and Examples

Adjectives of Number को संख्यावाचक विशेषण कहते है।

  • ये countable noun के साथ प्रयोग किये जाते है।
  • ये how many ( कितने ) का उत्तर देते है ।

Definition of Adjectives of Number

Adjective of Number :- ऐसे Adjectives जिनका प्रयोग वाक्य में संख्य (Number) को व्यक्त करने के लिए किया जाता है, उन्हें ‘Adjective of Numeral’ या ‘Numeral Adjective’ कहते हैं, जैसे – Some, no, several, many, few, two, three, etc. 

(i) There were two boys.
(ii) Several people go there for running

List of Numeral Adjective

  • Definite numeral adjectives:- one, sixth, two, fifty five, second, triple, seven, eleven, seventy fifth, quadruple, first, one third, five, twenty, third, ninth, first, etc.
  • Distributive numeral adjectives:– each, every, neither, either, etc.
  • Indefinite numeral adjectives :- all, some, most, few, many, no, several, any, more, too, much, none, too many, certain, etc.

Adjective of Number’ के प्रकार
(i) Definite Adjective of number
(ii) Indefinite Adjective of number:
(iii) distributive numeral adjectives

(1) Definite Adjective of number

जब किसी Adjective से निश्चित संख्या का बोध हो तो उसे ‘Definite Adjective of number’ कहते हैं, जैसे, -Cardinal numbers – one, two, three, etc. sf Ordinal numbers- First, second, third, fourth, etc

Definite Adjective of number

( i ) Cardinals ( संख्या बोधक ) – वे शब्द जिनसे संख्या क पता चलता हैं, Cardinals कहलाते हैं । ये how many ( कितने ) का उत्तर देते है ।
Example – One, two, three, etc.

I need one book.
He has three brothers.
I have five pens.

( ii ) Ordinals ( क्रम बोधक ) – Fist, second, third इत्यादि शब्दों को Ordinals कहलाते है।
Example – Fist, second, third etc.

I stood first in class.
He got the first price.
That girl finished the race in the first position.

2. Indefinite Adjective of number

किसी वाक्य में ऐसे Adjective का प्रयोग किया जाये जिस निश्चित संख्या का बोध न हो तो इसे Indefinite Adjective of number’ कहते हैं, जैसे Fewall, some, many, etc.

Many people work in this factory.
Any student can pass the exams

 Note: Indefinite adjective of numbers और adjective of quantity में एक जैसे ही शब्दों (some, several, many much) का प्रयोग भी किया जाता है, परन्तु Indefinite adjective of numbers, countable noun a shr adjective of quantity, uncountable noun साथ प्रयोग होते हैं।

3. distributive numeral adjectives

यह वह adjectives है जो किसी वर्ग के प्रत्येक व्यक्ति वस्तु का बोध करता है ।

Every man should do his duty.
Every poor needs job.

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