Possessive Adjectives in Hindi – Definition, Sentences and Examples

Possessive Adjectives को हिंदी में सम्बन्धसूचक विशेषण कहते है।

Possessive Adjective (duarea faraor): Adjectives for (relation) तथा अधिकार (possession) बताने के लिए किया जाता है, उन्हें ‘Possessive Adjective’ कहते हैं, जैसे :- My, your, his, our, their, etc.

(i) My shirt is black but your shirt is red. 
(ii) His dress is very nice.

Possessive Adjectives List

  • My- मेरा, मेरी
  • Your- तुम्हारा, तुम्हारी, आपका, आपकी, आपलोगों का, आपलोगों की, तुमलोगों का, तुमलोगों की, तेरा, तेरी।
  • Our- हमलोगों का, हमलोगों की, हमारा, हमारी
  • His- उसका, उसकी (पुरुष)
  • Her- उसका, उसकी (स्त्री)
  • Their- उनलोगों का, उनलोगों की

Possessive Adjectives

Subject PronounsPossessive AdjectivesExample
IMyI like my sandwich.
HeHisHe like your soup.
SheHerShe likes her fries.
YouYourYou like your salad
ItItsThe dog likes its food.
WeOurWe like our desserts.
TheyTheirThey like their food.
Possessive Adjectives
  • यह मेरी घड़ी है।
    This is my watch.
  • यह मेरी किताब है
    This is my book
  • यह हमलोगों का मकान है।
    This is our house.
  • रमेश तुम्हारा भाई है.
    Ramesh is your brother.
  • यह हमलोगों की गाय है।
    This is our cow.
  • वह अपनी कलम से लिख रहा है.
    He is writing with her pen.
  • यह हमारा शहर है।
    This is our town.
  • यह हमारी धरती है।
    This is our land.
  • यह आपका नौकर है।
    This is your servant.
  • वह हमारा स्कूल है.
    That is our school.
  • यह आपकी कुर्सी है।
    This is your chair.
  • यह उसकी बहन है।
    This is his sister.
Subject PronounsPossessive Adjectives
I have a shit.My shirt is green.
You have a book.Your book is new.
He has a pillow.His pillow is soft.
She has a dog.Her dog is small.
We have a bird.Our bird is noisy.
It has a bone.its bone is old.
They have a car.Their car is slow.
You have a house.Your house is big.
Possessive Adjectives

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