Present Perfect Tense Examples – Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense Examples

  • Your brother has slept.
  • You have not done your work.
  • Your brother has slept.
  • We have not cut this tree.
  • We have not Seen the Taj Mahal.

5 Sentences of Present Perfect Tense

  • You have broken his plate.
  • He has killed a snake.
  • Why have you not read this book?
  • Have I not caught a thief?
  • I have completed your work.

Examples of present Perfect Tense in Hindi

  • मैं एक किताब पहले ही लिख चुका हूँ
  • मैंने कभी ताजमहल नहीं देखा है
  • उसने तुम्हें क्या दिया है?
  • क्या तुमने कभी ताजमहल देखा है ?
  • क्या तुम कभी दिल्ली नहीं गये हो ?

Present Perfect Tense Examples

  • You have abused me.
  • The sun has risen
  • I have seen her.
  • Ram has gone to school.
  • I have sent a letter to him.
  • He has not helped me.
  • They have learnt all their lessons.
  • It has rained.
  • I have not abused anyone.
  • How have they done this?
  • She has gone to school.
  • He has forgotten us.
  • He has completed his home work.
  • Ram has gone to Delhi.
  • How many boys have come today?
  • Rahul has gone to school.
  • She has gone to market.
  • Sohan has completed his homework.
  • Has he sold his cow?
  • Where has the boy run away?
  • Have you done this work?
  • They have gone to their house.
  • Why have you helped me?
  • It has rained.
  • He has come back from market.
  • Have you learnt your lesson?
  • They have gone to Delhi
  • Who has not brought his book?
  • You have beaten me.
  • Where has she gone?
  • She has not sung the song.
  • The carpenter has not made the chair.
  • What have you done?
  • When have you come?
  • They have not sold the horse.
  • Have you ever eaten biryani?
  • I have not read your letter.
  • We have not seen such an animal.
  • Has he vexed you?
  • Have they come here?
  • Has anyone seen God?
  • Why has she saved your life?

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